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Sunday, October 30, 2011

Shakira to sing Smugglers' Inn theme song.

by Lindsay Cheltenham-Pierce, society reporter, Anoka County Shopper

Smugglers’ Inn is in talks with international superstar, Shakira (no last name), to perform its company theme song during an upcoming charity event. The multi-venue concert, known as “Soupstock”, seeks to raise awareness for Prop 33, which would confer automatic guest worker status to any restaurant or hotel worker on the job more than six months and, secondarily, to compensate those businesses which have negatively impacted by stepped-up enforcement of laws that levy heavy fines on employers of undocumented immigrants.
“We’re delighted that Shakira will be the first artist to perform our theme song,” said a Smugglers’ Inn spokesman, who met with me in the office of the restaurant and occasional ad agency. “This woman is amazing, she sings, she dances, she acts—she’s the Sammy Davis, Jr. of South America.” Added one obviously excited young man in a hairnet who was chopping vegetables, Shakira es numero uno. ¡Mira! Puse su nombre en mi brazo!"

An agreement, under which participating restaurant and hotel owners will underwrite the concert in exchange for merchandising rights and a percentage of income from download revenues, was negotiated by Lagos Star Entertainment, LLC.