Smugglers' Inn started as a theme restaurant in Blaine, Minnesota and has become, if not a legitimate advertising agency, then a viable agency alternative with two dedicated ad employees, Carol Henderson, art director and Jarl Olsen, copywriter. Read the whole saga in these posts or click the pirate to follow the entertaining tweets of our dishwasher, Pongo. Who may or may not be an orangutan.!/PongoTryHard

Sunday, January 8, 2017


Jarl Olsen: award-winning advertising copywriter; short filmmaker

Smuggers' Inn is a collaboration between myself and art director, Carol Henderson, formed to work on advertising and public service projects.  While Carol and I no longer live in the same state,  Smugglers' Inn is still available to work directly with clients of any size or as a freelance team for other ad agencies.   The work on this site is quite real, but the blog entries, which I have been writing since 2009, tell  the fictional story of  Smugglers' Inn,  a once-failing restaurant and disco that does creative branding campaigns as a sideline.  Pongo, Smugglers' Inn's dishwasher  (@pongotryhard) was handling Twitter duties, but he is presently missing in action in the jungles of Sumatra, where he hails from and no, he is not an orangutan.  We don't think.

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